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HomePNA Certified Products

HomePNA network-enabled products available today include residential gateways, IP set-top boxes, Ethernet to HomePNA bridges, optical network terminals and telco test equipment. To view a complete product list, visit Member Products.


HomePNA's certification program is designed to assure that certified products interoperate and perform as specified in the HomePNA specification. Member companies perform extensive testing to verify functionality and conformance to the HomePNA specification, as well as interoperability with other HomePNA products. Only after products have passed this testing are they permitted to use the HomePNA certification mark.

The process has two-stages: Certification & Interoperability Testing

  • First, member companies perform extensive testing to verify functionality and conformance to the HomePNA certification specification.
  • Second, regularly scheduled "Plugfest" events allow HomePNA members to test the operation of their products with other members' products. During the Plugfest events, HomePNA performs certification testing to ensure that they comply with critical parameters of the certification specification.

Once products pass the certification process, they receive HomePNA's official "seal of approval" and can use the HomePNA logo.

For additional information, see our Certification Policies.

Why Certify Your Products as HomePNA Compatible?

  • To ensure that your products comply with HomePNA standards
  • To meet the needs of service providers that usually require HomePNA certification
  • To guarantee that your products interoperate with the multiple products certified by other HomePNA vendors
  • To earn the right to use the HomePNA certification mark or logo in packaging, in marketing materials and on the products themselves
  • To support the reliable transport of multiple, high-speed multimedia streams over existing home phone lines and coax cable.