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HomeGrid Forum and HomePNA Merge

New organization will ensure smooth market migration to G.hn for home networks while continuing support for HomePNA

Beaverton, OR - May 28, 2013

HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance today announced that they have merged to create a single organization focused on promoting advanced wired home networking technologies. more

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HomePNA and HomeGrid Sign Liaison Agreement

Groups Work to promote new ITU G.hn Global Wired Home Networking Standard

San Ramon, CA - February 26, 2009

The HomePNA Alliance announced today that it has signed a liaison agreement with HomeGrid in order to promote the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) new all-wire G.hn home networking standard. The ITU, which approved the baseline for the Recommendation G.9960 late last year, is scheduled to approve the final recommendation by September 2009. The new "all-wire" standard operates over coax, phone wires and powerline at speeds up to one Gigabit per second.

"We look forward to a close working relationship with HomePNA," said Matthew Theall, president of the HomeGrid Forum. "HomePNA has developed and standardized one of the leading technologies for home networking over coax and phone wires and HomePNA members have been strong supporters of the work being done in G.hn."

"Home networking is a key technology for us as we continue to expand our AT&T U-verse network and reach more customers," said David Rackley, Director, Consumer Product Analysis AT&T Labs. "We strongly support the ITU-T and the standards they create - including home networking. HomePNA is the ITU-T home networking Recommendation G.9954 and G.hn is the next recommendation from the same working group. A closer relationship between the two alliances that support these important ITU recommendations is good for consumers, OEMs and services providers like us."

"HomePNA embraces open global standard such as G.9954 and G.9960 and the HomePNA members are committed to supporting the new all-wire G.hn standard," said William Simmelink, president of HomePNA. "We all recognize the importance of wired networking to enable next generation home entertainment applications and believe a liaison between our two organizations is healthy for everyone involved."

"G.hn is really starting to gain momentum," said Gary Schultz president and principal analyst of MRG. "Any service provider delivering triple play services - whether a telco or an MSO - can benefit significantly from the G.hn technology. Because G.hn will help to consolidate the industry and grow the market, this agreement is a big step in that direction."

HomePNA is one of the fastest-growing home networking technologies with over a dozen service providers installing more than 25,000 new HomePNA-based networks worldwide each week. It is the only standard that operates over both coax cables and phone wires. HomePNA's guaranteed quality of service (QoS) delivers a high fidelity video experience for viewers while enabling service providers to reduce installation costs, utilize remote management and diagnostics to reduce operational expenses, and even reduce end-user costs through unified billing.

About HomePNA

HomePNA is an incorporated, non-profit association of industry-leading companies such as AT&T, 2Wire, Motorola and Cisco working together to create, promote and certify multimedia home networking technology that operates over existing wires. HomePNA technology operates over coax cables and phone wires to deliver Internet Protocol (IP) services like IPTV, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and data, often bundled by service providers as triple-play services. Founded in June 1998, HomePNA members represent cutting-edge international companies that span the networking, telecommunications, hardware, software and consumer electronics industries. For more information on HomePNA, visit


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