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The Future of Home Networking

These informative and in-depth HomePNA white papers are a highly recommended resource for learning about the rapid advances in home networking. Also visit the HomePNA Blog for news and information about the latest trends in HomePNA and home networking in general.


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HomePNA White Papers

Application of HomePNA and Road to G.hn

This presentation by John Pitt, Senior Architect CPE & Home Networking at Bell Aliant was presented at the Digital Home Summit, Sept 27th, 2011 in Orlando, Florida .

Home Networking: Telecom's Next Profitable Frontier?

This presentation by Vince Vittore, market analyst with the Yankee Group, was the introduction to a panel session moderated by Vince at the HomePNA Summit, October 1, 2009 .

All presentations from the 2009 HomePNA Technology Summit are available to HomePNA members in the Member Area, on the Summit Recap page.

HomePNA - 'Beyond Digital' Home Networking

This HomePNA white paper titled 'Beyond Digital' Home Networking, provides a glance at the emergence of enterprise home networking.

The television industry has focused its attention on educating the consumer about the imminent transition from analog to digital broadcast. At the same time, forward-thinking industry leaders have already begun to create a new vision for what going "beyond digital" will mean to the home entertainment experience. This next shift is creating the "enterprise" home network and establishing a new paradigm for reliably and conveniently integrating and delivering triple-play services throughout consumers' homes. This is happening now and, over the next couple of years, consumers watching television, surfing the Web or talking on the telephone will be taking advantage of enterprise network-like capabilities without ever being aware of it or the advanced technology enabling it.

HomePNA - The New Table Stakes for Triple Play Deployment

This paper authored by member Sunrise Telecom describes the new triple play service architecture, and delivering exceptional quality of service.

Offering video, voice and data as a combined service (triple play) is a growing trend in the telecommunications service market. Telcos and service providers are eager to generate new revenue from triple play services; however, adding video service to the IP infrastructure creates a huge demand in bandwidth. In today's customer-driven environment, qualifying the physical layer and testing to ensure Quality of Service (QoS) for triple play deployments are basic expectations. QoS ensures services function properly from an objective, technical perspective: the equipment works properly, services are delivered, and features are fully operational. To win and keep customers, service providers must deliver unprecedented Quality of Experience (QoE), a customer's subjective perception that they are experiencing triple play services as they anticipated. For example, crisp, clear television pictures, fast Internet connections and downloads, and high quality uninterrupted telephone service. To this end, testing plays an entirely new role, and field equipment must enable technicians to ensure both QoS and QoE simultaneously.

HomePNA & IPTV A Whole New 'Must-See' IPTV Experience

HomePNA releases a new white paper titled HomePNA and IPTV: A Whole New 'Must-See' IPTV Experience. This whitepaper explores the market drivers and impact this revolutionary technology will have on the television-watching experience.

In the late 1970s and 1980s, the television market peaked and flattened as traditional and inexpensive color televisions became as common as living-room furniture in average households. Major U.S. television manufacturers once flush with revenues, struggled with a mature market and tight domestic and foreign competition, which resulted in lower profit margins and reduced market share. Even the most iconic U.S. television manufacturers like General Electric and RCA (Radio Corp. of America) faced such rapid sales decline that they quit producing television sets or sold out and merged with other companies. Industry analysts of the time warned that the days of skyrocketing television sales were over. They were wrong.

HomePNA - No New Wires Hitting a Triple-Play Home Networking Solution

This paper examines how HomePNA technology enables the easy-to-use, seamless home network.

Just 10 years ago, the home entertainment market offered little more than TV service over cable. It was a straightforward approach - multiple service operators (MSOs) broadcast television channels through coaxial cable hooked up to set-top boxes. The picture became more complex with the emergence of high-speed broadband Internet access technologies that use cable modems over coax and digital subscriber line (DSL) modems over phonelines. At that time, it appeared phoneline technology might even give way to faster broadband cable connections that proliferated throughout the 1990s and into the first few years of the 21st century.

HomePNA - The Center of Your Digital Living Room

This paper authored by member Motorola describes the new role of the IP set-top box in today's TelcoTV installation.

While the telecommunications industry is abuzz over the four-letter word IPTV (a.k.a. Internet Protocol television), this latest acronym added to the alphabet soup of technology vernacular means little to the average consumer. It is, in fact, the technology making it possible for a growing number of telephone companies (telcos) to offer TV service to their customers and many consumers have already begun enjoying the features enabled by this without even being aware of it. As consumers enjoy this new delivery of home entertainment, they may still believe that the television set is the most important piece of hardware. The reality is that the set-top boxes have actually become the brains behind the operation and perhaps the most important fixtures in the home.

HomePNA - Guaranteed QoS in The Home Network Environment

This paper from member CopperGate Communications describes the operation and technology behind HomePNA's guaranteed QoS.

Quality of Service (QoS) has become a must-have feature for modern networks designed to support "triple play" services - voice, broadcast video, and high speed data. While there is much talk about the need for QoS, very few network protocols really support guaranteed QoS and most of those are in the telecom arena.